Working next to your studies

Chances are that you would like to have some extra income next to your studies in the Netherlands. However, keep in mind that this could affect your taxes, as well as your insurances.

Every student who works in the Netherlands, falls under the income tax law, which means that he or she is socially insured. If you are working next to your studies, you automatically fall under the Dutch health insurance law, which obliges you to take out a Dutch basic health insurance package. The amount of hours you work at your parttime job does not influence this rule. The rule also applies to students with an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from their native country.

However, students with a parttime job, who are obliged to take out a Dutch insurance, can apply for health care benefits. Receiving care benefits has no consequences for the student’s permit of residence, since asking for care benefits is not considered as a reliance on public funds.

In case you are a EU-/EER student, who wants to request a healthcare allowance, then you first will have to register at the IND office (the Immigration and Naturalisation Service). Bulgarian and Romanian students are exempted from this rule.