Studying in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, everyone is obliged to have an insurance for public healthcare. Which healthcare you need, depends on your personal situation. International students who are studying in the Netherlands, are obliged by Dutch law to (at least) take out basic health insurance.

Mandatory healthcare insurance

In general, when you are coming to the Netherlands solely for study purposes, and you are from a EU-/EEA country or Switserland, then you are not obliged to get a Dutch healthcare insurance. The Netherlands has a number of health insurance treaties with a number of countries, including all EU-countries and Switzerland. If you are from one of these countries, your insurance company will provide you with a European Health Insurance Card or an international declaration form. It is important to take these with you to the Netherlands, since you will need them when you need to see a doctor. If you have an European Health Insurance Card, your home country will cover your medical expenses. You can only get a European Health Insurance Card, when you are insured for public healthcare in your home country and your stay abroad is of a temporary nature.

However, this changes as soon as you start working in the Netherlands. This could be, for example, a parttime job at a restaurant, but also a payed internship is seen as work. Also, when you are 30 years of age or older, and planning on permanently staying in the Netherlands, you are obliged to take out at least a basic health insurance package in the Netherlands.

Private healthcare insurance

If you are from a country outside of the EU, EEA or Switserland, then you might have to take out a private healthcare insurance. There are several private packages on the market that are specifically designed for international students. In some cases, you can also receive medical treatment under the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement.

If you are not sure whether or not you are obliged to take out a Dutch health insurance, you can find and fill out the form “Do I need statutory basic healthcare insurance?” from Euraxess, and send it to the Social Insurance Bank (SVB).