Health insurance companies

There are about 60 health insurance companies in the Netherlands. Some of these companies merely offer health insurance packages, but there are some companies that also offer a number of other insurance packages and services. In the past several years many health insurance companies in the Netherlands have been merged or acquired by other companies. Some health insurance comapanies in the Netherlands have withdrawed from the health insurance market. To help navigate through this jungle of health insurance companies in the Netherlands, we developed a list of the top insurance companies. You can compare dutch health insurance here.

Top health insurance companies in the Netherlands

Achmea Zorg

Achmea, founded in 1811, is part of Eureko, the largest insurance agency in the Netherlands. Due to numerous mergers and collaborations, Achmea developed into a company with 22,000 employees.

Agis Zorgverzekeringen

Agis is a major player in the Dutch market with 1.23 million policyholders. In January of 2008, Agis merged with Achmea.

Amersfoortse Zorgverzekeringen

The Amersfoortse is a health insurance provider specialized in entrepreneurs. Since 1997, the company is part of ASR Insurance.


Anderzorg is another part of Menzis, and positions itself by stunting with prizes.
Taking out insurance is done entirely through the internet with Anderzorg. Also, asking insurance questions is only possible through the internet.

Avéro Achmea

Avéro Achmea is part of the overall company Achmea. Originally the company focused on the interests of farmers. Avéro merged with Achmea in 1992.

Azivo Zorgverzekeraar

Azivo is an independent insurance company from The Hague and has been active on the market for 115 years. With two offices in The Hague and one in Zoetermeer, Azivo is strongly represented in the region of the Hague.


The AZVZ (General Health Insurance for Marines) is a nonprofit health insurance provider who focuses on workers in the maritime sector. Under the label of the Maritime Society, AZVZ collaborates with a health insurer from Leiden, namely Zorg en Zekerheid.


As of the first of January 2009, all customers who previously were insured with Confior are now insured with Menzis. The brand Confior disappeared from the market.


CZ is a major national player with 3 million policyholders. CZ headquarters is located in Tilburg. In addition, there are offices located in Sittard, Goes and Breda.

The Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

Originally, the Friesland Zorgverzekeraar used to be the health insurer for the province of Friesland. Today, it is an independent company that operates in the Netherlands. The Friesland Zorgverzekeraar represents itself through service stores in Friesland, Groningen, but also on the Frisian islands.

Delta Lloyd Zorgverzekering

Delta Lloyd is one of the biggest companies in the Netherlands that specializes in financial services and collaborates with CZ regarding health insurance packages. For taking out insurance with Delta Lloyd, you can contact a financial advisor in your area.


DSW is a relatively small insurance company that offers a basic health insurance package and two supplementary insurance packages.


FBTO is a financial services provider founded in 1956 as Friese Boeren en Tuinders Onderlinge. Today FBTO is part of Achmea.


Fortis, is part of the ASR Insurance Group since 21 November 2008, and is owned by the Dutch state.

Groene Land Achmea

Groene Land Achmea is located in Zwolle. The precursor of Groene Land, the General Health Fund, was founded in 1898. After several mergers, including with the Regional Health Insurance Zwolle, the Groene Land is now part of Achmea.

Interpolis Zorgverzekeringen

Interpolis originated from a large number of agricultural insurance companies and banks which merged with Interpolis in 1969.

IZA Zorgverzekeraar

Since 2006 IZA became part of UVIT. UVIT consists of several insurance companies like: VGZ, Trias, Univé (and IZA). In 2015 IZA Zorgverzekeraar merged with VGZ.

IZZ Zorgverzekeraar

IZZ is a health insurer that focuses on employees with healthcare professions and their families. The board of the foundation behind IZZ consists of representatives of CAO parties such as the Dutch Association of Hospitals and the Association Doctors stations.


Menzis was founded in january of 2006, following a merger between Amicon, Geové and NVS insurances. Menzis has 17 service stores located throughout the Netherlands.


OHRA is part of Delta Lloyd. As of the first of january 2008, all health insurance-related activities are executed by CZ.

ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar

The abbreviation ONVZ stands for National Mutual Insurance against Hospital expenses. The company was founded in 1933 and is a non-profit health insurance company.

OZ Zorgverzekeraar

Since January 1st 2008, OZ Zorgverzekeraar has continued under the name of CZ. Because of this, the OZ Zorgverzekeraar disappeared as a brand name.

OZF Zorgverzekering

OZF evolved from the health fund of AkzoNobel. With 40 employees, OZF is operating independently within the Achmea group since 2005. OZF is a non-profit health insurance agency.

PNO Ziektekosten

PNO Ziektekosten is a health insurance company which specializes in the media industry. Since January 1, 2010 PNO collaborates with ONVZ Zorgverzekeraar from Houten. Therefore PNO has two addresses now, the old in Hilversum and the ONVZ office in Houten.

Salland verzekeringen

Salland verzekeringen from Deventer is a relatively small company with a regional approach with a primary focus on the East part of the Netherlands.

Stad Holland Verzekeraar

Stad Holland Verzekeraar, the former SR-Zorgverzekeraar, is an independent, small insurance company from Schiedam. Stad Holland collaborates with DSW health insurances.

Trias Zorgverzekeraar

Trias is part of UVIT, the umbrella organization consistis of: Univé-VGZ-IZA-Trias.
Trias has service stores in Dordrecht, Gorinchem, Gouda, Sliedrecht and Woerden.

UMC Zorgverzekeraar

UMC specializes in employees of the University Medical Centre and was established in 2006. UMC is part of UVIT.

Univé Zorgverzekeraar

Univé is part of UVIT, along with VGZ, IZA and Trias. Univé is a non-profit insurance company and has three main offices in Assen, Arnhem and Alkmaar. In addition there are 150 regional offices as well.


The UVIT is a health insurance company that only consists of non- profit health insurers. The UVIT name consists of the first letters of its members (Univé, VGZ, IZA, Trias).

VGZ Zorgverzekeraar

VGZ is part of UVIT and has 12 insurance offices, which are mainly situated in the south of the Netherlands.

Zilveren Kruis Achmea

Zilveren Kruis Achmea is part of Achmea together with Agis, Avero Achmea, Interpolis and FBTO.

Zorgverzekeraar Cares Gouda

The Goudse insurances was founded in Gouda in 1924 and always had a strong entrepreneurial orientation. Nowadays Zorgverzekeraar Cares Gouda is part of UVIT.

Zorgverzekeraar Zorg en Zekerheid

Zorg en Zekerheid is a regional insurance company that operates from its headquarters in Leiden (South-Holland). Zorg en Zekerheid is a non- profit insurance company.