International students in the Netherlands

Over the years, Universities in the Netherlands have become more and more internationally oriented, attracting a high number of students from different countries. If you are planning on doing a study or internship in the Netherlands, it is important to find out beforehand how medical costs are covered.

In the Netherlands, everyone is obliged to have an insurance for medical care. Which one you need during your study and/or internship, depends on your personal situation.

The basic policy package has been composed by the dutch government, meaning that every basic health insurance covers the same care. It often occurs that schools and companies have a contract with an insurer, the so-called ‘collective insurance’, which means that you can receive a discount on the insurance when you close it through your Dutch school or company.

In case you are from a treaty country, which includes EU/EEA countries and Switzerland, and your only objective is to study, then you are usually exempted from having to take out a Dutch insurance. Instead, you will be given a European Health Insurance Card or an international declaration form. This changes however, when you decide to do a parttime job next to your studies, or when you are going to do an internship that comes with an actual salary. Also your age can be an important factor when it comes to studying in Holland, especially if you are planning to stay permanently afterwards.

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