Health insurance card or the E-112 form

Instead of using your health insurance card for medical care abroad, you can also use the European Social Insurance Regulation. This only applies to the EU countries, along with Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein. However, your insurer has to give permission first.

Insurance companies may refuse to grant such permission if the medical care in question can also be provided for you in time in the Netherlands. When the appropriate treatment is not available for you in time, then your insurer cannot refuse you to use the European Social Insurance Regulation, in order to go to a health care provider abroad. Medical expenses which do not fall within the Dutch claims package do not need to be reimbursed by your insurer.

The E-112 form

Once you have contacted your insurance company for this security regulation, and you have been granted permission to get the needed medical care abroad, you will receive the E-112 form. You should send this form to the foreign health care supplier from whom you have received medical care. The charge for the medical expenses will be handled through special connections in the Netherlands and abroad. While it may occur that you have to pay an income- related contribution, the medical expenses will be reimbursed by the going rate in the Netherlands even if they are higher than this rate.