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At you can compare different Dutch health insurance companies and health insurance. The Internet counts a large number of comparers, so we understand that you’d like to know in advance what we can offer you exactly.

On this page we tell you what services we offer, how we earn from these services and how we safeguard our independence. We also give you more insight into the creation of the results and, along with an overview of the insurers that out comparison tool offers.

What can we do for you?

The Health Insurance Information Center provides you with the ability to quickly compare several insurers with each other in a easy-to-use tool. To let the results meet your requirements, we need you to add some personal data to the comparison. You can enter your information in the left menu of the comparison tool.

When you click on an insurer or the ‘Buy online’ button, you will be redirected to the website of the chosen insurer where you can finalize your health insurance request. Taking out insurance is always done on the website of the insurer itself. The insurer is therefore the point of injury and any amendments during the term of your insurance. works on the basis of “Execution Only”. The Z.I.C. provides you with the right information, from which you ultimately can make the best choice. Nonetheless, when you agree to a health insurance policy, you always carry the final responsibility.

Which insurers do we compare?

To ensure the best results, it is important that we can offer you the most comprehensive overview. Therfore, we strive to present a full overview of all insurers in the Netherlands in our comparison tool. Should you find that you miss a provider, we naturally hear from you. In case you’re missing an insurer in our tool, feel free to get in touch with us.

We basicallly compare all major insuranced, from which we know all current terms and premiums. We currently compare the following insurers:

  • Aevitae
  • Anderzorg
  •  Avéro Achmea
  • Azivo
  • AZVZ
  • BeterDichtbij
  • Besured
  • C4Me
  • CZ
  • CZdirect
  • De Amersfoortse
  • De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar
  • De Goudse
  • Delta Lloyd
  • Ditzo
  • DSW
  • Energiek
  • FBTO
  • HEMA
  • Ik!
  • Interpolis ZorgActief
  • IZZ Zorgverzekeraar
  • Kettlitz Wulfse Verzekeringen
  • Kiemer Zorgverzekeraar
  • Menzis
  • Nedasco
  • OHRA
  • ONVZ
  • OZF Achmea
  • PNOzorg
  • Pro Life
  • Salland
  • Salland ZorgDirect
  • Select & Go
  • Stad Holland Zorgverzekeraar
  • Turien & Co (Avéro Achmea)
  • Turien & Co (VGZ)
  • UnitedConsumers (VGZ)
  • Univé
  • Unive Select
  • Univé Zekur
  • VGZ
  • VvAA Zorgverzekering
  • YouCare
  • Zie Zo
  • Zilveren Kruis Achmea
  • Zorg en Zekerheid strives for completeness. Therefore we also mention the rates from insurers that we have no form of collaboration with.

The insurers that have not been included in our comparator did not present their premiums to us. Also specific services and restrictive product conditions may be a reason not to include an insurer in the comparison tool.

How do we compare?

With our comparison tool, you can quickly and easily find the health insurance that best suits your needs. To make a comparison of health insurances that fits your needs, we need some information from you. This information is used only to make the correct comparison. The data you enter in our comparatison tool will therefore not be stored or used for any other purposes. You can, along with your preferences, fill in the left menu. This comparison is based on:

Your (and/or your partner’s) date of birth
The type of care you choose (free choice of healthcare providers, partial coverage or no preference)
The amount of the deductible excess
Additional coverage such as physical therapy, alternative medicine, dental care and coverage while abroad
The period of payment (monthly or yearly)

The insurers will arrange themselves according to your personal preferences.

If you are considering a particular insurer, you can choose to purchase the insurance directly through the ‘Buy online’ button. From there you will be directed to the relevant page on website of the insurer.

The comparison tool’s results are generally sorted by price, with the cheapest providers displayed at the top. However, you can also choose to rank the results on quality or alphabetical order. You can indicate this by clicking the “Sort by” framework, which is located in the upper-right of the tool. Other ways to make the results more personal is to enter your preferences in the left menu.

What is the earning model of

When you take out a health insurance via, we receive a one-time fee of several insurers through This has no effect on the number of providers in the comparison tool, or the order in which we show you these providers. Our website primarily stives to inform you on the most current health insurance premiums.

We strive at all times to give you an honest and clear overview of the different providers. That is why we compare health insurers according to the same criteria. This also applies to the insurers from which we do not receive any compensation.