Relocating family members

When relocating family members to your new (temporary) residence during your study, then it is important to note that they will no longer be AWBZ (EMEA) insured. Also, they can no longer apply for Dutch health care under the Health Insurance Act. However, being co-insured, they are entitled to medical care as specified in the rules of the statutory insurance package of the country of residence where you are temporarily living together. All medical expenses will be reimbursed to the country of residence by the Netherlands.

Relocating family members abroad

If your family members are over 18, they are obliged to contribute to the Health Insurance Act by paying the Health Insurance Board.

In the Netherlands, your family members are insured for healthcare under the Exceptional Medical Expenses Act and the Health Insurance Act (Insurance Act). For the required statement, please contact your insurance company.

Furthermore, the health insurer in your home country decides which family members can be co-insured. Your health insurer uses the Convention Form 106 for this.

Reasons why you may not be able to insure your family are the following:

  • Your family members have their own income from employment, pension or benefits in the country of residence. They should be insured for medical expenses and have to obtain a health insurance in the country of residence.
  • Your family members are / remain living in the Netherlands. In that case, they stay insured for medical expenses with a Dutch insurer.